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Writer’s Field Journal

I am writing a book of writing prompts. Actually it’s a journal. Although it’s a book. Hm, let’s start again.

My second published book, “Writer’s Field Journal: Thought-Provoking Exercises and Prompts for Creative Exploration,” is coming out with Fox Chapel Publishing this fall. It is a collection of prompts with room to write and gorgeous watercolor illustrations by Cara Connors.

I spent my fall reading and sometimes rereading books on creativity and creative writing. I spent this January writing up prompts, choosing quotes, and having way too much fun. At the last minute I realized I had promised to include a bit on procrastination. This post is an act of productive procrastination.

The fun, careless first draft is done, and now I have to nail down some details about, among other things, how writers can get into character, how to spell Reginald Shepherd‘s last name, and whether or not a prompt about aliens is cliche.

Are aliens subject cliches for writing prompts?



5 thoughts on “Writer’s Field Journal”

  1. I know nothing about the aliens, except to say that I find it curious, that the only people ever to believe that they have been abducted by aliens seem to come from the southern United States.

    Just sayin’.

    And after being gratuitously insulting, if I buy a copy, can I send it to you for a signature?


  2. I do believe you are referring to the southWEST portion of my country of origin. Any slights on the intelligence of southerners at large (individual southerners are fair game) will be treated with a glance of withering scorn. And of course you can have a signature.

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