“Working with Ellen on my query and proposal was the difference between three offers of representation and none.”

“Ellen recognizes a student’s weaknesses and strengths, and helps them to understand how to become a better writer. She knows how to push you to do better, but also how to get you to want to do better. She has expanded my toolbox of writing skills and I will always carry her teachings with me. She is the best!”

“Ellen Goldstein is an absolutely great teacher”

“I have been so burnt by so many proofreaders lately. You did an amazing job . . . Many thanks!”

“Ellen has helped me with my writing, from cover letters to essays to creative pieces, for over four years and I highly recommend her as a writing coach. She’s a huge help with every stage of the writing process, whether I’m unsure how to start and need help approaching a piece, or would like feedback on what I’ve written. Upon starting a tutoring session, Ellen truly listens to my concerns about my writing and helps address them. I feel I’ve become a stronger writer over time from working with her—her constructive comments and attention to detail are invaluable, and I always leave with ideas for how I can improve my writing going forward.”

“Thanks very much! I feel really lucky to have had you as copyeditor on this project. You helped immensely. Thanks for your care and attention, and for bending over backward to help me maintain good standing with [author]. He needed to know we had a knowledgeable and effective copyeditor on this project, and you have definitely shown him that.”

“Thanks very much for your hard work and insights – they will help the final book a great deal.”