Writing Coaching

As a writing coach, I will work with you to set and accomplish your writing goals.

We will break down a large project into smaller steps, and develop a series of techniques to carry you through the entire process.

My approach is practical and highly personalized. Together we will work to overcome common writing problems such as: anxiety, writer’s block, time management, burn out, procrastination, and other irritating barriers that can keep a writer from finishing a project.

I am dedicated to helping you determine the voice, schedule, style, and scope of writing that works for you.

I also offer college and graduate school application essay and MFA portfolio coaching.

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What can a writing coach help you do?

  • Define and refine writing goals
  • Develop a sustainable writing practice
  • Hone all aspects of craft
  • Determine the audience and venue for your writing
  • Recognize your strengths and address your weaknesses
  • Overcome writing issues such as anxiety and paralysis
  • Persist through long or large-scale writing projects
  • Feel less alone through the writing process

“Not only is Ellen knowledgeable about writing, her encouragement, advice, and sense of humor make her a joy to work with.”

Sample Rates

Rates are based on the Editorial Freelancer’s Association’s Table of Common Rates:

Each project is different. For an exact quote, please get in touch!

Monthly Individual Coaching: 1 hour phone call/video conference + a weekly email with writing, revision, and scheduling tips, $125/month

Weekly Individual Coaching: 1 hour phone call/video conference + an email with writing, revision, and scheduling tips specific to your project and needs, $100/week

Writing Feedback Package: Feedback on 25 pages + 1 hour phone call/video conference, $175.

College/Grad School Essay Coaching: 1 hour meeting + extensive feedback on two drafts, $175.

Group Coaching: Interested in having a workshop tailored to your writing group? My rates begin at $75/hour.

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